18mm Female Quartz Banger Nail 90*

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Quartz Banger nails provide amazing flavor and heat retention when compared to traditional glass nails or even ceramic or titanium nails. The bucket shaped design allows you to dab large amounts of wax in a single session without wasting any. This female quartz banger sits at a 90-degree angle so the nail sits level and to ensure even vaporization. This quartz banger is available in 10mm, 14mm or 18mm female joints and will fit any male jointed dab rig. To use this quartz nail simply heat the bucket and place your wax or oil inside using a dabber tool and start inhaling. To get the most from your concentrates it's best to pair this dab nail with a carb cap.
Domeless Quartz Nail
Banger Nail
High Quality Quartz
Choose 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm Male
Helps Extend The Life of Your Rig

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