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Auto-Discounts for all clients, bc we love ya'll:

  • 5% Off Orders Over $50
  • 10% Off Orders Over $150
  • 15% Off Orders Over $350

Current VIP Auto-Discounts:

  • 5% Off Orders Over $1
  • 10% Off Orders Over $50
  • 15% Off Orders Over $150
  • 20% Off Orders Over $350

VIP Status is achieved by spending a min of $250 within a 6 month timespan. Once achieved, VIP Status is locked in for a 1 year. VIP Discounts may be combined with other coupon codes and gift(s). Wondering whether you're a VIP? Contact us. 


Write a review to earn 5% store credit!

  • Earn 5% of the item(s) value in store credit. This offer is limited to items you have purchased on our site. 
  • For example, if you purchase a $100 item, write a review and you will earn $5 in store credit.


About the VapeBrat: Leader of the Relegated Renegades

Born On 7-10 The VapeBrat Has Spent His Entire Life Dedicated To The Study And Science Of Vaping. When You Were Eating, He Was Vaping, When You Were Sleeping He Was Vaping, When You Were Playing He Was Vaping, When You Were Vaping, Yes You Guessed It...He Was Vaping! Now You Get To Reap The Benefits Of His Wealth Of Knowledge. He Spent All Of His Money So You Don't Have To! 

As The Leader Of The Relegated Renegades, The VapeBrat Must Always Stay On His Grind, Doing His Part To Further The Vaping Industry. We Got BlazeStashPurp Skerp And Harrucho, Preppy, Dr Buzzkill and so many others.  All Doing Their Part To Bring The Hottest Items In The Inhalation Game, Straight To Your Doorstep. 

About Harrucho: The OG of the Relegated Renegades

 As the OG of the Relegated Renegades Harrucho has made his presence known through his consistency, team effort, constant smile and support to all of the fellow Relegated Renegades. His old school style permeates through his products, which you are sure to love as much as we love him! Happy birthday Harrucho!