VapeBrat Pre-Filled CBD Cartridges

  • Q: Why am i getting juice in my mouth?
  • A: Our cartridges are designed with a superior coil. The quality of our coil does have a downside, you must use a high quality battery. When using a battery that does not possess TruPower, you may find that you are getting some oil in your mouth when vaping and not the cloud size you expect. With the VapeBRat Cartridge you can even use dual battery mods without blowing the coil. That is how much power our coil can handle. As always keep your voltage between 2.25-4.25 to prevent any burning or busting of the coil. Using the VapeBrat Special Agent will allow for the most efficient and enjoyable experience possible, however the KISS pen also possesses the power to produce a nice cloud and good taste.