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Welcome to HookahTown Home of the Relegated Renegades the inhalation experts.

Since 2004 we have been waist deep in the industry finding and creating all of the best inhalation products on the market.

My name is the VapeBrat, I'm the leader of the Relegated Renegades. We got Stash, Harrucho, Blaze, Sour Dee, Dr Buzzkill, Terp Skerp, and of course our lil buddy Riggs!

We understand the maze that is the market today and are here to help walk you through this maze so you can see it as a beautiful field. 

We have launched our new Relegated Renegades Bot, (yet to be properly named) to assist you in finding the perfect inhalation device for your needs. 

Whether it be for dry, concentrates, e-juice, hookah and the list goes on, we are your #1 Source for info and the best products. 

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