5.5" GRAV® Orbis Borocca Water Pipe - Black

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Highly Ornate Rig
The Borocca is a low-profile angular dab rig that reminds one of a 60's mod table lighter. This contemporary pipe has a fixed downstem with a circular perc. The three holes in the circular downstem face the user to ensure that their hit is quickly percolated and the chamber is cleared with ease. This rig has an extra-wide and sturdy base. The female joint is flame polished for a clean finish and fixed in two places to reinforce it.

The Orbis family of dab rigs is a futuristic and modern take on the small glass concentrate pipe. Each Orbis features a black ball-and-socket mouthpiece that prevents backsplash and evokes a modern hookah-like appearance. Each piece comes with a 14mm male banger that has a long arm to keep the heat away from your pipe.

Height: 5.5 in
Base width: 3.5 in
Made with 50mm tubing
14mm quartz banger included
Clear with Black glass downstem and mouthpiece
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