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The Puffco Plus is for vaping connoisseurs who want pure and flavorful vapor. Made for waxes and concentrates, the vaporizer is easy to use and addresses all the issues that wax pen users have had in the past. It has a prolonged life because there’s no clogging, features a coil free heating chamber, and a dart for easy scooping of your concentrate.

Magic wand
Measuring a mere 5 inches in height, the Puffco Plus boasts a sleek, singular design that makes it look elegant and stylish. On a single load, the vaporizer can be drawn 30 to 50 times. The vaporizer automatically shuts off after 8 seconds of inactivity to preserve its magic.

Coil free chamber
The Brooklyn-based creators of the Puffco Plus introduced a coil-free heating chamber to create clean and pure vapors. The vaporizer has a deep chamber that can accommodate up to 0.3 grams of material. Not only does it heat instantly, but the coil-less chamber also prolongs the life of the vaporizer. Also, this feature makes it easier to clean the chamber.

The Puffco Plus houses a dart inside the device allowing you to load quickly while preventing clogs. In addition, this dart also adds to the purity of the flavor of any wax or concentrate as it’s designed to work as a nail, delivering an entire dose all at once.

Temperature settings
To access the standard heat settings, press the power button rapidly four times. The settings are as follows:

Blue: Low
Green: Medium
White: High
Sesh mode
Apart from the three preset heat settings, Puffco Plus also has a “Sesh” mode function similar to the Puffco Pro 2. Merely press the cloud button twice to enable this setting and enjoy 12 seconds of continuous vapor.
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